Fallen tree on Rails Palmerah, KRL Serpong to Disturbed

A large tree fell on the railway tracks between Palmerah and Kebayoran due to heavy rain and strong winds flushed Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) afternoon .

"Yeah right , there are fallen trees , transverse , exactly what had happened around 16:15 at mile 15 Palmerah , " said Head of Public Relations of PT KAI Jakarta Daop 1 Agus appendices to Tribunnews , Tuesday ( 22/02/2014 ) .

The tree , said Agus , transverse and cover the train tracks leading to Kebayoran and Serpong . Train travel and rail commuter line towards Rangkasbitung economy was disrupted .

" The tree across the path that leads to Kebayoran , travel disrupted , " he said .

According to Agus , now officers of PT KAI has been on the scene to move the large tree that uprooted .

" We ‘re coordinating , officers already on the scene, " said Agus .

Previously , a resident , through social networking site Facebook , proclaim the presence of fallen trees on the railway line between the station and Kebayoran Palmerah .

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" There is a tree falls in the train line between Palmerah and Kebayoran , " wrote Ode Son Pradiptaa on Facebook .


Critical Period Search MH370 Cyclone Jack Intercepted

Search aircraft carrier Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 entered the 45th day since the Boeing 777 - 200ER was declared lost contact . Search is currently focused use drones or robots Bluefin autonomous underwater 21 vehicle ( AUV ) in the Indian Ocean underwater .

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But the underwater search this week has entered a critical period . Search teams combined from various countries will stop using robotic underwater search until this weekend . After that , it remains unknown how the search prose MH370 .

When the search team was trying hard to do a search , tropical cyclone confront Jack . MH370 search team coordination center Joint Agency Coordination Center ( JACC ) announced bad weather hit the area north of the cyclone Jack searches close to Perth , Australia on Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) this afternoon .

" Bad weather will occur in the northern area where the cyclone Jack moves toward the south , " the announcement JACC , as published by Bernama .

However, the search continues JACC MH370 . A total of 10 military aircraft and 11 ships keep moving and exploring the ocean region .

" Australian Maritime Safety Authority conducts a search of approximately 49 491 square km area centered at a point 1,741 miles northwest of Perth , " added JACC .

Robot Bluefin - 21 since Monday morning back down to the bottom of the Indian Ocean sea for the ninth time . But so far, there are no related debris found MH370 .

The drones are assigned to scan the place where the last ping between MH370 with Inmarsat satellite which covers an area of ​​about 600 km and a width of 50 km .

Bluefin - 21 can dive to depths of 4,500 meters, the maximum depth of the search area reaches 4,600 meters . Bluefin operators say they can mereprogram this vehicle to operate at a depth of 5,000 meters .

Australian transportation ministry official , as quoted by CNN , said that as much as U.S. $ 234 million or equivalent to Rp 2.6 trillion needed for underwater search MH370 , including the use of Bluefin - 21 is capable of scanning an area of ​​110 sq. km.


Ouch … In Last Year, 908 Environmentalist Killed in World

Environmental management -related violence and land seizures rose sharply in the Asia Pacific region . Thus the conclusion of a recent report environmental management transparency observer organization , Global Witness .

The nonprofit organization said the period between 2012 and 2013 , there were at least 908 people killed in 35 countries in the world when it seeks to protect land rights and the environment .

Brazil is a country that ranks highest as the most dangerous state for the defense of land rights . While in the Asia Pacific region , the environmental activist in Philippines called as the most at risk of becoming victims of violence .

" Philippines emerged as the most severely affected countries in the Asia Pacific region , there are more than 67 cases of murder during the past year that we monitor , " said Oliver Courtney , Senior Campaigner, Global Witness in London , recently.

To ABC , Courtney said that most of the murder cases related to the mining sector , particularly in the area of ​​resistance against the activities listed mining company .
According to him in the middle of the central government’s attitude to boost revenue from the mining sector , the disclosure of information regarding the management of the mining business is very limited .

" Transparency about what is happening in the mining sector is very small , such as information on whether the local residents who live in the location of mining areas has been consulted or not , whether the social and environmental costs of mining opening also been considered before , " says Courtney .

" Very little information about who exactly is responsible behind the murder , " he added .
" In most cases it is also the mastermind behind the murder was never revealed , " he said concerned .

Global Witness report released this monitor environmental activist murder case that occurred between the years 2002 to 2013 .
From the results of this monitoring found that this murder triggered increased because of the pressure between the availability of natural resources to supply the needs of many countries in the world .

" We think this problem is not getting caught and more often escape the law because the government failed to monitor threats to the environment and land activists , the government also failed to prosecute those responsible for crimes against the environment , " he said .

In the Asia Pacific region , Courtney blames strong influence of a small elite .
" We are seeing a small elite often sell land , forest and other resources through secret deals with big companies . Though the region fully into the management of the state and especially the many managed by people who live in it , " he said .

" Often locals who inhabit it does not benefit from the presence of the company that manages their region , they even actually lose their land and often forcibly evicted . "

The data collection was triggered by the murder of Cambodian forest activists and employees of Global Witness , Chut Wutty .

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He was shot dead by police when investigating illegal logging in Cambodia .
The provincial government dropped charges of murder for the deaths of the activists .


There Rapimnas Dadakan , ‘s Reaction Fort Suryadharma

Attorney General Announces Development Association Party (PPP ) Hasrul Azwar pleaded no idea that his party planned to call a national leadership meeting ( rapimnas ) on Saturday afternoon , 19 April 2014 . According to him , information about close not been discussed at the meeting with the Chief General Suryadharma Ali . ” I can not and do not know the legislative agenda ,” said Hasrul when contacted , Saturday, April 19, 2014 .

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Hasrul also admitted to not knowing what the agenda will be discussed in the meeting which will start at 13.00 hrs that. If it did exist, he continued, should discuss achievement evaluation rapimnas voice Kaaba party in legislative elections April 9. Implementation rapimnas this day because it dramatically new manager decided the day in meetings called last night until dawn yesterday . ( Read : PPP - Gerindra Coalition , Not Available Contracts Written )

The majority of meeting participants is PPP DPP managers disagreed with the way the decision berkoalisi Gerindra Party in presidential elections July 9 taken by Suryadharma Ali . Attorney General Announces another PPP are also present in the meeting , Lukman Hakim Saefuddin , said information about rapimnas already served on that party ‘s managers , including Suryadharma .

According to Lukman , closely mengagendakan not grant sanctions against Suryadharma . But dropping the sanctions opportunity is still there. ” Depending on the dynamics of the meeting . ” Participants daily leadership meeting last night, said Lukman , hope internal conflicts can be resolved by peaceful means . “Most importantly, the reformist spirit . So each party can mutually understanding and committed action on the other side. ” ( Read : PPP presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto Official Support ) .

Currently within the Kaaba is the center of the party ‘s internal chaos hit . Conflicts arise between meetings since Suryadharma campaign Gerindra akbar at Gelora Bung Karno on June 23 last . After the Minister of Religion is already overt support a presidential candidate Prabowo . Yesterday , it was declared open support .

However , according to a number of managers PPP , Suryadharma decision taken by the party in violation of law . Prabowo name is not included in one of a number of figures that are recommended in the National Working Consultation II in Bandung . Moreover, according to the rules of the party , a decision should be taken by consensus berkoalisi national work . ( Read also : PPP degree Rapimnas , Support to Prabowo Cancel ? ) .


Walk down Wandering Way in the War Zone Mozambique

For three decades , this country is a war zone is very concern . The struggle for independence from Portuguese colonial rule began in 1960 . Bloody civil war taking place in the same era , in the early 90s . However , after the peace and speak out to the eyes of the world , the first tourists began to arrive in the country coming into the East African region .
After seeing the progress in the last two decades , peace has begun to stabilize. Tourists began coming to see the potential of tourism in Mozambique , such as a cruise ship ride just to see the sunset , seeing dolphins , or scuba diving in the post-conflict country .
The country also has some long beaches and coral reefs perfect for diving . Not only that , Mozambique has several options for viewing wildlife in the presence of Gorongosa National Parks and Reserves Niasssa that offers an ideal safari tours .

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Stability and comfort indeed been awakened in this country , and some of the supporting infrastructure and tourism has started to be built . However , Mozambique still maintain their conflict areas to make a special attraction for tourists who want to try the adventure in it .


Eye Capital Budget Doubles Reach Rp 1.8 Trillion

Jakarta Capital City Government has locked tens of thousands of eyes double the budget in 2014 city budget . Noted , there are 18,000 of the total 72,000 budget lines are duplicated . Value reached Rp 1.8 trillion .

" Tens of thousands of suspected multiple budget lines have been locked so it can not be used again , " said Endang Widyastuti , Head of Financial Management Agency ( BPKD) , Endang Widjajanti , as quoted by beritajakarta.com , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

Endang said the findings of tens of thousands of multiple budget lines based on reports from a number of agencies or related agencies . ” The report was also obtained from the discussion forum were concerned non-governmental organizations to control the use of city budget , ” he said .

Endang said, double -checking against the budget throughout the agency to this day is still ongoing . Budget items that allegedly duplicated , he said , had been locked and can only be used if the department head requested that the funds disbursed .

" The total funds of the total 18,000 budget item that has been locked double Rp 1.8 trillion , " he said .

He added , duplicating multiple budget lines occur due to poor planning systems in a number of relevant agencies .

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" It could be less careful user unit budget or not coordinated resulting in duplication of budget items . We will continue to fix the city budget that can be absorbed to the welfare of society , " he said .


Bluefin-21 Back Dive, MH370 Visual Search Continues

Perth - a mini submarine military -owned United States (U.S. ) , Bluefin - 21 back in the Indian Ocean conducting searches to find plane Malaysia Airlines ( MAS ) MH370 . Bluefin - 21 dive mission is the second mission after the first mission canceled sooner because the sea is too deep .

Bluefin - 21 is equipped with sophisticated sonar is deployed into the ocean on Tuesday ( 15/4 ) night local time . In a statement , the central coordination of search MH370 , Joint Agency Coordination Center ( JACC ) states , an analysis of data collected Bluefin - 21 on the first rescue the findings do not lead to a significant clue .

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" Autonomous Underwater Vehicle ( AUV ) re- deployed last night ( 15/4 ) of ADV ( Australian Defence Vessel ) Ocean Shield , " said JACC as reported by AFP on Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

" Data from the first mission Bluefin - 21 has been downloaded and analyzed . Interesting No objects were found , " said JACC .

When running the first mission , the Bluefin - 21 is only capable of conducting searches for 6 hours and automatically return to the surface . Cause, unmanned vehicles has reached operational limits programmed depth .

U.S. Navy Captain Mark Matthews added , Bluefin - 21 is transported back to the ship Ocean Shield to be reprogrammed . But do not re-program is described .

Meanwhile , in a separate statement , the U.S. Navy claimed that the search process by using the Bluefin - 21 is estimated to could take up to 6 weeks or even 2 months . U.S. Navy added that the search area adapted to the condition of the Bluefin - 21 program .

" To deal with inconsistencies seabed , customized search profile for the sake of expanding the sonar search as long as possible , " said U.S. Navy said in a statement .

For today’s mission , JACC stated , visual search by deploying 11 military aircraft , civil aircraft and 11 3 ships continued . Visual search area is set on an area of ​​55 151 square kilometers , with a central search area is about 2,087 kilometers southwest of Perth . Weather conditions today are expected to be colored high winds and rain , plus waves reaching a height of 2 meters and visibility as far as 5 kilometers .


Not Ethical World Politics in Education

Ministry of Education and Culture ( Kemendikbud ) considered sloppy because the name of Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) can appear in the national examinations ( UN ) .

" In a matter of making the UN no qualifying team . I assume this is a fatal form of kecerobahan . Obviously , the advent of very sensitive , " said Chairman of East Java Education Hotline , Isa Ansori the Okezone , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .

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According to him , the incident greatly tarnished the world of education . Because education should be neutral and not be dragged into politics . What’s more , Jokowi is the candidate that is carried by the PDIP .

" Less ethical , entered the world of education campaigns . Moreover currently very sensitive , " he said .

He asked the Minister of Education , Mohammad Nuh immediately trace the origin of existence in the name Jokowi to the UN . Noah also asked to give sanction to the team responsible for the mistake .

" Because this is a mistake , no doubt for anyone who has been negligent , " said Isa .

Previously , about the UN High School student who worked in the regency , East Java tucked question contains a short biography Jokowi . Meteri was entered in the Indonesian exam .


Kadinkes: Do not Believe the Answer Key UN

Head of Department of Education of South Sumatra , Widodo , participants urged the students not to believe the National Examination with answer keys rumored spreads today .

" In the exam room alone , there are 20 kinds of matter . Which may be the key to be able to represent all of them , " said Head of National Education ( Kadiknas ) South Sumatra , Widodo , when met after removing the package ‘s departure a matter of National Examination ( UN ) to 17 districts / cities in the province in Palembang on Friday .

The appeal was submitted because very concerned if any student to entrust the key test results from the accepted answer .
" Often these students want to quickly and directly are not confident with their own business , so look for other ways to buy the answer key of irresponsible parties , " he said .

He explained that this year the exam is made in such a way and kind was distinguished in each regional organizer of the National Exam .
" Do not believe the answer key offer , ” he said . ” Just do it about with confidence . ”

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National Exam which will be simultaneously held on Monday, April 14th and will be followed by thousands of students of SMA / MA / SMK Sumatra .


Observer: SBY Statement Affirming Democrats Admit Defeat

Chairman of the Democratic Party , Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY ) gives a press conference after a quick count votes or quick count results of the legislative elections . In a press statement acknowledging that SBY quick count results .

Indonesian Institute of Sciences researcher , Prof. Pledge Nusa Bhakti assess SBY statement yesterday was the first recognition of quick count results concurred . Yudhoyono , said the Pledge recognizes that quick count results are not different from the calculation results will be the Election Commission. (see also: pakan burung kacer)

" A statement yesterday SBY actually admitted that his party declared defeat , " said the Pledge at LIPI Building , South Jakarta , Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) .
Pledge said , the recognition of the results of the quick count SBY it is a new thing in democracy in Indonesia . According to him , before - before SBY and the party chairman has never declared any quick count results .

" SBY build a good democracy with that statement , " he said .
As is known , the quick count results reported by various agencies put the PDI-P in the top rank . While Democrats in the fourth position under the PDI-P , Golkar and Gerindra .