Two Struggling boy whose mother lived Paralyzed

Ayu routines Ramayanti ( 13 ) and Hafid ( 10 ) , two Brits kid Village residents , District Wonomulyo , Polewali Mandar , West Sulawesi , very different from the activities of other boys his age .

Before leaving for school , both of which help prepare the various needs of the mother , Appung ( 37 ) , who had been paralyzed since last two years . They take care of his mother while bathing , waste water , cooking , and feeding .

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Every day anyway , Ayu and Hafid not forget massaging her feet and hands . They hope the nerves in the feet and hands his mother could function again so that the mother can come back healthy .

Due to the busyness of it , both are often late for school . Not infrequently , at recess , they should go home to visit his mother and helps purposes .

On Saturday , Ayu and Hafid often not even go to school because his mother had to take sebuh therapy at health centers . ” I often feel tired and have been many times I quit school , but the principal is not allowed . They asked me to stay to school though often absent or not go to school because mom was busy taking care purposes , ” Ayu said , crying .

" Not to mention I still have to work to sell in the shop in order to support my mother , " said Ayu again .

Ayu has become the backbone for a living for the family . Profession as street vendors Ayu acted after school . From 16:00 until 22:00 , he worked as a watchman satay stall . Ayu receive a salary of Rp 10,000 - Rp 15,000 per day , depending on whether or not crowded stalls .

This profession is engaged Ayu since fourth grade . Ayu is now listed as a student at SMPN1 Wonomulyo . Meanwhile , the new Hafid fourth grade at Wonomulyo often launderers car with a salary of Rp 5,000 per day .

The teachers and students who sympathizes with the family life of Ayu also worked together to collect donations among teachers and students jointly raised funds amounting to Rp 3 million .

These funds are used for half the cost of the rented house , the rest of the family living expenses Ayu .

Appung could only shed tears when the rented house visited by residents and neighbors . Appung admitted that he had moved house four times and ride home residents since the last two years because they had no home .

Her husband , Sumarman , disappeared and left Appung and two small children when the family was helpless . ” I’m confused in paralyzed and helpless like this my kids were little . My life is now dependent on Ayu . Ayu often sad I quit school because he can not live everything . I also can not make because I just hope the only to Ayu , “said Appung .

Misna Rashid , one of the people who sympathize with the family Appung , claimed sad to see Appung life and his family . He was endlessly evocative hentinnya citizens and anyone that could also ease the burden of family life Appung .

Misna also hopes the government can ease the burden of this family . ” I am a concerned neighbor . ‘s Not just a lame Appung threatened its future , but also two small children now being forced into a precocious , ” said Misna .


Budget 2015, the Government Seriusi Hanura Have Issues Food Sovereignty

Hanura faction in the exposure of his views on the government’s fiscal policy 2015 states should have a focus on food sovereignty .

" The government needs to seek self-sufficiency in a sustainable manner , " said spokeswoman Hanura Party , Nurdin Tampubolon , in Jakarta , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

Hanura judge , so far in the government’s efforts to achieve food sovereignty is not serious . This is reflected in the realization of the increase was not significant wetland . On the other hand , Indonesia is also still rely on imports to meet the needs of beef .

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To that end , the government was also asked to keep the sources of inflation . Commodities red pepper and onion are food commodities are made ​​of high inflation last year .

In addition to highlighting the matter of food sovereignty , Hanura faction also gives notes on energy sovereignty . “There has to diversify energy and fuel conversion . Reduction of fuel imports and ultimately negate the import of fuel should be the main agenda , ” said Nurdin .

Hanura faction in that event also provides a record , the government needs to do the evaluation and monitoring of programs to improve welfare . On the other hand , the government needs to fix the fundamentals quickly .

SPN 3 months at 6.0 to 6.5 percent is considered very high . Hanura Party requesting the bond yield is not too high to increase national productivity .

" The government should abolish the budget deficit , so as not to increase the nation’s debt , " he concluded . In general , Hanura faction agreed macroeconomic framework and fiscal policy points in 2015 , for further discussion .


Because Cheek Kiss, Iranian actress Demanded that whipped

Leila Hatami , Iranian actress and jury member of the Cannes Film Festival in France are required to be caned . Another trigger is not , because the action of the cheek kiss Leila in the festival .
The demands came from conservative student groups in Iran . Group of students calling themselves Hezbollah was filed lawsuits that caning meted out to Leila . The group claims to have a network with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps .

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" We , the undersigned are a group of Muslim brothers and sisters of students , culture and the media asking the judicial branch to sue over his sin Leila Hatami is kissing a stranger in public . According to article 638 of the Islamic Penal threat is a prison sentence , " the group wrote in a letter to the court filing claims , as quoted by Al Arabiya on Friday ( 23/05/2014 ) .
"In addition , the action of the film has hurt the religious sentiments of the proud Iranian nation , and thus we also demand caning him as stipulated in the law , " said the group .
Leila cheek kiss action with a strange man in the festival , also has angered Iranian officials . Leila act of insulting the sanctity of Iranian women .
" Those who attend the event should take a lesson from Iran’s credibility and sanctity , so that the bad image of Iranian women are not exhibited to the world , " said Deputy Minister of Culture of Iran , Hossein Noushabadi .
" Women of Iran is a symbol of purity and innocence , " he continued . " Leila’s presence at the festival did not deserve it is not in accordance with our religious beliefs . "


Jokowi Expected More Often Been to NTT than SBY

Governor of East Nusa Tenggara ( NTT ) Frans Lebu Raya hope , if Joko Widodo elected president of Indonesia, is more frequent than the NTT President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono .

" SBY has been about three times to NTT , " said Frans relaxed while talking with reporters in Menteng , Central Jakarta , some time ago .

" Yes , sir Jokowi I hope later came more often , " said the PDI-P politician .

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Frans acknowledged that the region is a reflection of eastern Indonesia in general . Region, he said , still attached to the prevalence of poverty has not been a public service infrastructure , low education level and potential security threats that are prone to happen.

Therefore , the character of the leadership of the two figures , which are often blusukan Jokowi and Jusuf Kalla, who is an expert in economic terms , is considered able to answer all the problems in eastern Indonesia , particularly NTT .

" I hope the next government to actually pay attention to the fair as fair as fair to all regions . We believe , if NTT Indonesia has not yet advanced forward , " he said .

Frans , who is also one of the national campaigners ’ black bull ’ committed to winning pairs declared in the House Joang ‘45 , Cikini , Central Jakarta , Monday, May 19, 2014 , the . According to Frans , citizens crave, desire figure like Jokowi and JK .


It’s So Rich ” Commander ” RI Economic

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ( SBY ) will today inaugurate Chairul as Coordinating Minister for the Economy , Hatta Rajasa replacing , which will focus on candidates fight Indonesian president and vice president .

Handover process ( SERTIJAB ) will be conducted today, Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) , at the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy held at Graha Sawala 10:00 am .

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CT listed in Forbes magazine as the third richest person or included in the 375 billionaires in the world with a total net worth of $ 4 billion , or approximately Rp46 trillion .

The efforts are on three core businesses , namely financial , property , and multimedia . In finance , he took over Bank is now a monument Mega Bank .

He also penetrated into the securities business , life insurance , and insurance losses . In the securities sector , the CT has a real estate company and build Bandung Supermall in 1999 .

CT is currently engaged in television business by establishing Transcorp ( now CT Corps ) in charge of Trans TV and Trans 7 . Though competition in the television industry is getting tougher , but CT confident Trans TV can continue to grow seeing that the national TV shopping has reached 6 trillion a year and 70 percent of them will be taken by the television .

In addition to Trans Corp. , CT The Group has 5,000 employees who protect the core Holdindo as head of the industry which has three subsidiaries , namely the Global Investindo ( business finance ) , The Core Investindo ( media and investment ) and the Core Propertindo ( property ) .

CT spread its wings in the business world by using a Trans Corp to acquire 40 per cent stake in PT Carrefour Indonesia worth Rp 3 trillion through PT Trans Retail .


Akbar: Golkar and PDI-P Have Long History Notes

Advisory Council Chairman Akbar DPP Golkar Party says Golkar has had a long history with the PDI-P . One of them , Akbar said , when together in a row the National Coalition on the 2004 Presidential Election . Respond It is delivered Akbar Golkar signal strength will be docked to the PDI - P .

" Golkar already had experience with the PDI - P in building the National Coalition, " said Akbar , Nasdem DPP Office , Jakarta , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) .

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When a coalition with PDI - P in 2004 , Akbar served as Chairman of the Golkar Party and the DPP came out as the winner of the legislative elections . Not only to build a coalition , he said , he was also appointed Chairman of the PDIP leader Megawati Sukarnoputri to be a coalition . At that time , the couple Megawati Sukarnoputri and Hasyim nominated as presidential and vice presidential spouse .

" I pioneered the ( coalition ) because it was the winner of the election . Ibu Mega entrusting me as chairman of the National Coalition at the time, " he said .

Although the coalition signals bounce back, Akbar said , the decision will be taken Golkar coalition in national leadership meeting ( rapimnas ) on 17-18 May.

" For example, if Golkar states joined the PDI - P is already a consistency of what we have done ten years ago , " he said .


Tjahjo Kumolo House Speaker Predicted Handshake

Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI-P ) is predicted to be won parliamentary seats at the most and one of its cadres shall hold office as Chairman of the House of Representatives .
According to political observers , Arya Fernandes , there are two names that will be considered PDIP to put the number one in the building the people’s representatives . Namely , chairman Puan Maharani and Bapilu PDIP PDIP Secretary General Tjahjo Kumolo .

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" The scenario is like this , if not Puan plotted as a minister , chances are plotted as Speaker of the House , because he has experience as Chairman of the faction , " he told Okezone , Sunday ( 05/04/2014 ) night .
However , if the ladies choose to take a ministerial seat . So , PDIP chairman of the House would give up her seat to a senior figure like Tjahjo Kumolo . ” Why Tjahjo , first he has a long experience , and he was a senior figure at a time close to Megawati , after all, Megawati may not submit to the Speaker of the House seats are not close , ” he explained .
Arya adds , PDIP better put Tjahjo as House Speaker when compared Puan measure of experience between the two candidates . ” Speaker of the House should be able to lobby with the other party . Puan quality is still far below Tjahjo , because Tjahjo more experienced , ” he said .


Simalakama “pencapresan” Bakrie: Taxable Forward, Backward Kena …

The fate pengusungan Golkar Party Chairman Aburizal ” Ical ” Bakrie as the party’s presidential candidates are in a situation dealing with fruit simalakama tub . The candidacy started strongly opposed by organizations and Golkar Party wing , but not all of the sound as well .

Momentum to shake up the nomination Bakrie is a national leadership meeting ( rapimnas ) scheduled in coming weeks . Actually , wobble has been felt since a few months ago , especially when surveys showed electability Bakrie unsatisfactory .

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This situation is not unconscious Bakrie . Vice- Chairman of the Advisory Council MKGR , Star Zainal said Bakrie never collect the entire board of the Regional Leadership Council ( DPD ) I Golkar to his house .

There, said Zainal , Bakrie asked what it was that she could not run for presidency . I requested the Governing Council Bakrie will step down as a candidate .

However , Zainal said , when it Bakrie compare Kalla cases in 2009 were still run for presidency despite losing Golkar Democrat . However, Zainal said the board DPD I did not change its attitude and keep asking Bakrie legawa backwards .

So the vice president was rejected

After polemic occurred , said Zainal , Bakrie start thinking realistically . Zainal claimed to have information that Bakrie willing ” demotion ” to be the vice presidential candidate Prabowo , presidential candidate of the Gerindra.

However , Zainal said , so the idea was still reap opposition vice presidential candidate . ” Of course he wishes it would be opposition from Golkar officials . Essence because he failed to make the Golkar as the winner of the most votes in legislative elections consequently Ical should resign , ” he added .

Additional reason for refusal Bakrie become candidates for another candidate ‘s vice president , stated Chairman of the Golkar Party Young Generation ( AMPG ) , Yorrys Raweyai . ” Ical rapimnas as determined by the candidate , not the vice president , ” he said .

Support remains

Given the survey results , it is difficult for Bakrie to win the presidential election because elektabilitasnya could never overtake the presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle , Joko Widodo , and Prabowo .

Yorrys electability was complained of increasing the Golkar Party was also raised chances of electability Bakrie as the party’s presidential candidate . ” It’s an anomaly , ” he stated .

However, Yorrys said AMPG keep supporting Bakrie forward as presidential candidate of the party . He argued that attitudes based on a decision that the party can not just be changed .

Chairman Kosgoro Laksono , agree with Yorrys that Bakrie can not just be forced ” down grade ” of a position that would presidential candidates carried the Golkar Party . ” Do not be forced to go down , unless the pack Ical hard look at the situation and he announced to resign , ” he said .

Soksi Chairman , Ade Komarudin , even put the body defend Bakrie . He said selururuh party cadres should be in the forefront to defend Bakrie and consistently brings the chairman of their parent organization as a presidential candidate .

Main two legs

Bakrie wobble to come from 10 organizations and party wings . Gathered in DPP Golkar Party , Friday ( 05/02/2014 ) , they formulate a deal after meeting for two hours .

One of the questions the possibility Bakrie deal will insist forward as a presidential candidate . “If Pak Ical remains a candidate , then there must be other cadres who became vice president ( the other party ) , ” said Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Satkar HM Aly Yahya .

When Golkar Party wants to lower the target with just carrying the vice president candidates , Aly added , a decision should be taken in the forum leaders meeting . ” Can not carelessly lose grade , ” he stated .

With the development of this situation , the big question is whether Bakrie be willing to stay ahead of the presidential candidate even though his victory was a great opportunity ? Conversely , if the party cadres who play in the ” other foot ” as the vice presidential candidates could certainly not be twisted Bakrie in the corner ?

Some Golkar cadres name does appear to be a vice- presidential candidates for the presidential candidate of the other party . Call it among the names that are Jusuf Kalla , Luhut Panjaitan , Priyo Budi Santoso , Laksono , and Gina Kartasasmita .

Options for the Golkar Party now appears to be ” sacrificed ” Bakrie while carrying him as presidential candidate elektabilitasnya though low , or ” save ” the owner of Bakrie Group is the ” down grade ” just carried him into the vice presidential candidates for the other candidates .

Momentum rapimnas may indeed be a decisive step forward Bakrie politics . Like the saying , Bakrie position on these days are ” forward hit , hit rewind ” option was about to take a bath or not simalakama fruit .


Drink Smoothie Make Stained Teeth ?

Vegetables and fruit smoothies , especially green has been recommended as a healthy beverage . It is also an easy way to consume a variety of healthy vegetables . However , behind this beverage helps your overall health , they also leave stains on teeth .

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Chromogens - molecules that provide color in the food - which when consumed makes the molecule filled tooth enamel . Staining in the teeth may increase further when combined with a diet rich in foods containing chromogens Tannis and citrus . That means foods like tea , coffee , and nuts further enhance the ability of staining chromogens .
However , there is no reason to stay away from smoothie drinks in order to maintain the health of your body . Follow the tips below to take care of your teeth when drinking green smoothies , following his review reported Healthmeup .
- Use a straw to drink a green smoothie while , so do not come in contact with your teeth .
- Gargling with salt water - kumurlah juice after drinking green smoothies .
- Avoid mixing chromogens and Tannis in your smoothie . In other words , keep away from fruits rich in citrus .
- Try brushing your teeth three times a day to keep teeth white .
- After the session brushing teeth regularly , take some baking soda and dry your toothbrush to keep them white .


Vice Jokowi Specified H - 2 Prior to Registration

Coming Presidential Candidate registration and the title of Vice President Candidate 2014 election on May 18, 2014 , presidential candidate yet to determine the number of partners, including the PDI-P candidate , Joko Widodo .

" Our party will decide who Jokowi Pak pair in the H - 2 or H - 3 prior to enrollment , " said PDI-P politicians , Eva Kusuma Sundari , the Okezone .

However , Eva still secret who Jokowi the 2014 Presidential Election . ” Everything is still open to all the possibilities for vice presidential candidates , ” said Eva .

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Although tight in determining vice , Eva believes there will be difficulty in socializing . ” We ‘ve been preparing a strategy for it, ” he said .

Previously , the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) opened registration Presidential candidate ( candidates ) and candidates for Vice President ( Vice President ) this May .

" Election Commission has set the schedule for registration of candidates at 18 to May 20, 2014 . Therefore , political party or coalition of political parties , are required to prepare for the registration stage , " said Kurnia Rizkiyansyah Ferry Commissioner Commission .